Seven Signs Your AC System Needs Service
A low refrigerant charge can cause major damage to your car's air conditioner. Unlike some compressors used in the 70's, which had their own oil supply, most current designs rely on a sufficient refrigerant charge to carry oil through the system. If that charge is lost - either partially or completely - the compressor may starve for oil and fail shortly thereafter. This results in a major expense, not only for the compressor, but for related items that will have to be replaced if the compressor fails.
  • Insufficient cooling form vents
  • Unusual odors from vents
  • Noisy drive belts, compressor or blower motor
  • A rhythmic clicking noise from under the hood with the air conditioner or defroster on
  • An electric cooling fan that quickly cycles on and off
  • Windows that don't defog when using the defroster
  • Water on the floor of the passenger compartment.