Mileage Maintenance

Notice - The maintenance schedules provided below are only a guideline.  Refer to the manual for your specific make and model of vehicle for a detailed maintenance schedule.  Also, please remember that the "Severe Maintenance Schedule" should be followed for your vehicle, due to the temperature and traffic conditions in the Houston area.

Make sure to change your oil every 3,000 miles

Additional Mileage Maintenance at every:

3,000 mi.
Lube chassis
Belts, hoses, fluids and air filter
6,000 mi.
Tire rotation and balance
Brake system
12,000 mi.
Wheel alignment
15,000 mi.
Air conditioning system
30,000 mi.
Air filter, Fuel filter
Automatic transmission Service
Hoses & Belts
45,000 mi.
Major cooling system flush and fill
60,000 mi.
Hoses & Belts (including Timing Belt)