Proper Diagnosis and Repair
Manufacturers know that a properly maintained car will be more dependable, safer, last longer, and increase your satisfaction with their product. Car makers and owners also have a responsibility to make sure emission controls receive regular service and are functioning properly. Regular maintenance helps accomplish these goals by keeping your engine running efficiently and eliminating potential problems that may leave you stranded. So, what's in in for you?
  • A more dependable car
  • A car that retains that "new car feel"
  • Less chance of a costly breakdown
  • A safer car for you and your family
  • Doing your part for cleaner air
  • A car worth more at trade-in or sale
  • An intact warranty
Make sure to change your oil every 3,000 miles

The maintenance schedules provided here are only a guideline. Refer to the manual for your specific make and model of vehicle for a detailed maintenance schedule. Also, please remember that the "Severe Maintenance Schedule" should be followed for your vehicle, due to the temperature and traffic conditions in the Houston area.

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